I have started the rework of my second design for Dyslexia. For the moment I am still using the same letter’s as in the initial design. (Please see the earlier post <strong><a title=”Edit “MY OWN LETTER MESS”” href=”https://miam1968.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=260&amp;action=edit”>MY OWN LETTER MESS</a>).</strong> In my first attempt I have copied the letters from the initial design a multiple times and placed them all in a random way. I have placed 2 pt black outline on all letters to give a stronger feel of layers. I am not quite sure how to advance it further. I need to place the text about Dyslexia somehow without making a clutter.


In this second attempt I have drawn a typical “pop-corn” carton (to make the message more child oriented) and placed a mountain of letters on top/inside the carton. Some  letters are hanging out of the carton to create an overflow feel. I have also made some letters fall to the ground. After evaluating my work for this one, I have made the decision not to continue the development as it doesn’t communicate a relationship with Dyslexia.


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