“Homegrown” design – What impact does it have on the graphic design industry?

I am currently taking a course in Discourse & Reflection (graphic design) at Hertfordshire University. This module focuses on the sense of landscape that we work within.

For this course I have decided to research the increasingly debated topic of “home-grown designers” and the impact they have on the graphic design industry. Are you a graphic designer just because you know Photoshop? There are millions of home-grown designers out there. Most of them are self-taught. You have to admire them. But what about the core disciplines of graphic design? Most online help sites seems to give examples of how to use softwares but very little is being taught about the history of graphic design. Are we increasingly ignore these disciplines? What impact will this have on the future and the designs that are being produced? Is “home-grown” design contributing to fee hammering?

Perhaps the future forces and trends don’t paint a pretty picture, but surely in an industry undergoing such stresses and changes, it can’t only be threats! There must be lot’s of opportunities out there too!

With my research I am hoping to identify these opportunities and to take a closer look at what “home-grown” designers are actually doing to the design industry. What are they bringing in terms of innovation?

Discourse and Reflection



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