After considering my first drawing in the post “LEARNING DIFFERENCES” I realised that my first drawing was communicating the wrong message. I wanted to make a positive statement about Dyslexia in my designs and  falling books does hardly give a positive impression. So I went back to the drawing board, still wanting to involve books in the design.

One idea that came to my mind was to place a student on top of a stack of books. This would give a message that this student was on top of things, managing well in school, like if he was on a podium.


The Opte Project


“The Opte Project – Internet 2003”

The Opte project was started by a young man called Barrett Lyon. It’s an internet mapping project that aims to make an accurate representation of the extent of the Internet using visual graphics.

The Opte project uses a single computer and internet connection to map the location of every user on the entire Internet, and chart its growth and development.

It can track changes to the environment such as weather disruptions, natural disasters and war. You could say it is creating a metaphysical representaiton of the the real world.